Our Mission

Our Mission

We are on a mission to resurrect the John Summers Clocktower (Old Steelworks) in Sealand to once again be a source of pride and industry for local people.  

To ensure that local people are able to access STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) alongside Tourism, Hospitality, Caring and Construction employment opportunities as well as train in some highly skilled sectors and once again and be part of a thriving local community.

Our Aims

The Enbarr Foundation will redevelop the John Summers – Shotton Steel site (Grade II) into a community hub for the people of Sealand and the surrounding areas to help work towards  alleviating outstanding social issues and provide a place of Safety and support.

Through this building we aim to :-

  • Reduce financial, social and digital exclusion through training opportunities and social opportunities through its library and community café.
  • Redesign the gardens and grow our own vegetables and create a woodland adventure.
  • Support young  and unemployed people into quality local jobs at the John Summers site and further into the community.
  • Provide a sustainable hub for the community, local business and the third sector to meet and collaborate and work on joint projects.
  • To create a museum that celebrates the vast History of the Area that will educate those that follow on the Heritage of the Area and its manufacturing legacy.
  • To create a STEAM environment that is open for all where families, individuals  and young people can learn together in their own time and pace.